dijous, 20 d’octubre de 2011

Finding something to do: MYTHIC!

I have been inspired by this blog entry to use this top down world creation method  to put a bit of structure and maybe randomness into my what is essentially a solo campaign. So using an online mythic emulator I decided to take the historical nations and their rulers and  evaluate their attitudes towards each other.

Some of these plot themes will take time to evaluate and feed into a game, but i love the richness it creates and the questions it raises!
"Q: Peter to Porte: An Incorrect Assumption about Femininity, which might affect Rittmeister Krefeld."

Hmmm... What exactely does this refer to I wonder??!

Q Russia to Sweden: A Future of Grotesqueness. 
Q: Peter to Karl XII: Truly Bizarre Armament
E: Progress on ''Celebrating Past Victories'': the Transformation of a Plot
Q Russia to Turkey: Primitive Immensity. 
Q: Peter to Porte: An Incorrect Assumption about Femininity, which might affect Rittmeister Krefeld.
Q Russia to Saxony: Entirely Normal Obsessions. 
Q: Peter to Augustus: Something that Brings Back Memories of Literacy 
Q Russia to Poland: A Revelation regarding Innovation. 
Q: Peter to Jakub: Pleasant Strangeness
E: Remote Event: the Oppression of Exterior Factors 
Q: Peter to Rittmeister: Various Examples of Hope 
Russia to Cossacks: An Incorrect Assumption about Oldness, and could affect the thread ''Finding something to do'.' 

But best of all, when asking the mythic machine what exactely "Finding something to do" was all about, the answer just was:
A Large Amount of Violence
the perfect oracle for a wargames campaign!!!

back soon with some Country Fact Files, and the latest news on the financial crisis about to befall a different Lehman brother! I do actually wonder if Issachar Berend Lehmann is in fact related to the Lehman brothers of more recent fame?

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