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Mission to Podolia

Warsaw, January 23, 1696

Wilanow palace, Warsaw
Crown Prince Jakub was outside his fathers quarters, waiting for Doctor O'Connor to leave. His father had been unwell these last years and lately had been receiving intensive treatment from the Irish physician.

The door opened and the physician steppe out. To the anxious questions of the prince he could just give a chagrined smile and said to him, "Your father is waiting for you."

Jakub Sobieski
Jakub entered the king's chambers. The king was in his bed. Far from being the impressive hero figure the king has since his victory in Vienna retired from active campaigning due to health problems.

"Fanfanikiem,  come here." The ruler called his son over to his bedside.  "You know i have been ill for a while now, but things are coming to an end..."

"But father, the doctors have been predicting your iminent death for the last 2 years!!!" cried the Prince

"Shhh, quiet son. I won't leave today, nor tomorrow, but my health is also not improving. In fact it is getting worse" 
"You know we have been trying everything to improve your chances of getting the crown after I am gone, but as things stand, you will still need to get elected for this honor."

"As you know there are factions at court that still clai you have no right to the throne, being the son of a Hetman, not born when I was king."

"There are many pretenders to the throne. Lubomirski and Potoki are already with Hetman Jablonowski.  And they know just as much as we do, how a good military victory can improve ones chances to being elected King" said the King with a gleam in his eye.

" I have just received a report from Podolia, showing that the Emir of Lehistan, Kemik Kiran, is readying his forces for a spring or summer campaign. He is amassing troops from Crimea, Rumelia and the desert Nations. Rumours have it he is even recruiting chinese archers... at least he is bringing chinsese arrows!?!"
Kemik Kirans Horde amassing with Delis, Tartars, Janissarys, Bazi-bazouhs, and the mysterious Chinese Arrows...
"Son, I am asking you to take our troops and those loyal to us down there, assist the Hetman, but make sure that when the crushing blow falls, it is your hand that is guiding the mace! Crush them before they can crush us! And if you can win back Podolia, the crown will be yours for sure.

Go to Oleska. Rotamaster Krefeldski is already training and assembling some banners of Haidjuks and Dragoons, that will come in usefull in the hilly region you will be operating in."

The King gave his son a parting embrace.

"Good Luck!"

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