divendres, 3 de maig de 2013

Back for more!

Work and work have kept me away from here for a little while lately, but then again it's not everyday that you get the opportunity to combine your hobby with your real life work and to design and make very same the toys you have always been playing with since you can remember.

Thanks to Lluis of Minairons and Defiant Pricipality fame, I got the chance to make the T-26 tank for Minairons Miniatures.

So I have been kept busy turning this...

...into this!! :)

Thanks Lluis and here´s to many more of them tanks rolling off the production lines. Remember we have to beat the original 11'000 that rolled out of them Soviet factories ;)

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  1. Well, such is (more or less) the quantity we're storing in our HQ, ready to invade the unaware wargaming world...!