dimarts, 19 de maig de 2015

Getting (re) started

So just as it seemed like the campaign had fallen asleep and it was safe to go outside again, rumours come in from the deepest depth of the easten steppes that strange things are afoot.

Campaign maps have been created, troops are starting to be assigned to their posts and things generally seem to be stirring again. Spring has certainly had it's effect.

Commonwealth troop positions (red squares) and their objectives for the coming campaign. In Yellow the lost province of Podolia, in red, what would be great to wrestle out of the hands of the Turk.
Now where are those Holy League allies, the Muscovites and Imperialists?
And most important... Where is the enemy!?
Marked on the map in Yellow and A is the lost province of Podolia, since 1676 in Turkish hands.
The red area B, are the wild fields, a fertile strip of black earth, depopulated by tartar raids. Commonwealth claims these were part of their dominions in 1380... or was it earlier.
Marked as C are the 2 towers, the Black and the white tower, kara kerman and Akkerman respectively, which would anchor the Commonwealth and give it access to the Black Sea, and preferential trade routes from black Sea to Baltic!

Things have been slow in the last  few months, ever since the news that Prince was expecting offspring, and more amazingly the news ran through the kingdom, that it wasn't just one, but 2 Princesses that were expected at the same time.

Since end of May, the potency of the Crown prince is no in doubt anymore, but Laws must change for these two ladies to have any chance of ascending their family heritage.

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