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Election Process

After a bit of research I found that the point of infletion for the Polish Commonwealth, the point where everything just got worse, was the election of August the Strong as Polish King. of course there were possibilities before and after to change things around, but i decided on this for various reasons.

  1. The victory of Viena left the Commonwealth in a stronger position with it's army rebounding after he Deluge and Cossack Crisis of 1640's
  2. Historically it was the first time that the son of a King was not elected to succeed, showing that this was the first time that foreign influence carried the day in Poland.
  3. According to Wikipedia, Agustus never won the election!!!
    "It is sometimes incorrectly stated that Augustus "defeated" the other leading candidates, Jakub Ludwik Sobieski, son of the previous king, and the French candidate, François Louis, Prince of Conti. Augustus actually received fewer votes than Conti (despite a massive bribery campaign), but he rushed to Poland and had himself crowned before the French candidate could set foot in the Commonwealth. Some Poles questioned the legality of Augustus's elevation."

    A second quote, which I think is slightly wrong but reinforced the point that anything could really have happened during this time:

    "The Polish Commonwealth entered the critical stage and the decline was on the way. Following election was one of the most dismal episodes in Polish parliamentary history. The three principal candidates were king’s Jan III son Jakub, German Elector of Saxony and French Prince – de Conti. Jakub Sobieski was seized by Saxon troops, Prince de Conti was elected but a small group of malcontents 'elected' separately Friedrich Augustus, who marched into Poland at the head of a Saxon army. He was crowned in Krakow as Augustus II of Poland. It was the first time that a deceased monarch's son had not been elected to succeed him; that the rightful candidate had been debarred from the throne by military force; and that the Poles had acquired a German king, which went against a long tradition of keeping German hegemony at arm's length." full text here
Hence my interest at replaying this election and seeing who really could win and se the reactions of this thereafter.
The 3 main contenders (in fact there were 18!!!) would be:
- Augustus of Saxony
- François Louis, Prince of Conti
- Jakub Ludwik Henryk Sobieski, Crown Prince of Poland

To do this I decided to give each of  the 34 Vovoides (Polish province) 1 vote, by 6 sided dice. the outcome would decided by 1-3 for Augustus (due to strong Russian Support) 4-5 To Prince Conti (French Support) and last but no least a 6 for poor Prince Jakob.

Would seem that the cards were stacked up against our local Prince!
Let the dice Roll!

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