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The search for uniforms

One of the biggest problems for the Polish period I am dealing with is the lack of information regarding Uniforms.
Most uniforms are either from the Glory days of the Winged Hussars 15-16th Century, or from the last desperate attempts to hold the Commonwealth together in the 1790's. From the 1700- 1790's it seems dificult to find reliable information. A lo of this probably has to do with the deplorable state of the Commonwealth at this time.

However today I found some lovely examples of Polish uniforms of around 1717, just before they seem to have been completely saxonized.

Infantry and guards

oficers and men
1717 top
1720 bottom


So finally Things can get Started!!
I have been looking at some election scenarios for 1696 after the death of King Jan III Sobieski, but thats another story!

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