divendres, 12 d’agost de 2011

Humble beginnings

This blog's aim is to share my miniature Wargames adventures (klein krieg). These will be mainly based on a Mexican American War campaign and in the future may expand to a pre-partition Polish Commonwealth What-if scenario. But more on that later on. For now welcome, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Rittmeister Krefeld is absolutely fictitious.
He has over the years appeared in the 1750's Thuringian Wars of Unification, the American Civil War leading a company of Death Zouaves, has also been seen piloting a BF109 in the battle of Britain and been known to sometime rollick around the Russian plains with is Panzerkampfgroup as well as some highly secretive black ops against terrorist groups in Metropolis and the jungles of Vietnam. An entirely useful fellow to have around.

He is also Swiss, and always for hire. But as they say, no money, no Swiss :)

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