dissabte, 31 de desembre de 2011

Happy New Year!

It's been a while since I updated here, but trying to plan and organize a scenario of almost 6 antagonists makes me think i may have chosen to big a cake to eat!

But finally after what seems like months of planning reading and planning of the coming campaigns, word has come that the Tsar of Muscovy has started recruitment of the first 3 regiments of new musketeers, the first of 14 in total.

Not exactely the usual red clad St Nicolas regiment, but then again there are people (none less than the BBC) who say Santa dressed in green!!! :D
Hope to update with the finished versions of these soon enough... together with the rest of the invading Muscovite hordes!!!!

Happy New Year and see you all after the jump!

  • figures by baccus
  • bad painting by me :)

2 comentaris:

  1. Happy new Year indeed!
    And the BBC is right: Saint Nicolas was traditionally dressed in green (as befits a character associated with the Winter Solstice) before Coca-Cola enlisted Santa Claus in its advertising menagerie...

  2. Hi Stefan,

    nice site, loads of lovely uniform images.