dimecres, 29 de febrer de 2012


I have not found the time to keep up the blog these last few weeks, but between work, work and more work, behind the scenes an kind of arms race has been happening:

Firstly in the east a small Horde of Muscovite Tsarist Troops have been training in new European techniques, that Tsar Petrovich is insisting the reluctant peasant and nobles to learn.

Their Cossack Allies have also been rumored to have been roused from their drunken debaucheries and have started to muster their regiments, nominally in the Tsar Service... but that remains to be seen.

Even more preoccupying, if still on a smaller scale, is news that to the south, the Emir of Lechistan, the Ottoman porte's vassal, has started to Muster Janissaries and Sipahis

But the most immediate threat to the Commonwealth lies to the west, where a Saxon force of infantry has crossed the border with their King, on the way to Warsaw for what they believe certain coronation of August onto the Throne of the Commonwealth ...

Obviously all this has not been unnoticed by the Commonwealth, and even though in Interregnum, has begone to recall and muster it's forces, in readiness to repel one if need b, all comers!

Figures still need a little love and basing, but that should happen soon enough! :)

3 comentaris:

  1. Oh Lord!!! ...are these 6mm?? Awesome looking, those massed ranks! :)

  2. Yes they are 6mm, a mixture of baccus and irregular miniatures. good on saving space in troops and accessories as well as getting massed ranks!! :)

  3. His Majesty de St. Maurice's complements on your magnificent little army... even if they are not French (lol). Well done. - Mike