dissabte, 19 de maig de 2012


I have been busy organizing little details of my campaign, not wanting to show too much till it is a little more advanced. but i have been having a wee dilema about the flags for my nascent Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth Flags.

I have come up with these flags, with the royal eagle on one side and the province embedded on the other, in a way symbolizing the two entities of the commonwealth, the separate provinces or vovoides, and the whole of the country. In the corners i placed the Polish, Lithuanian, Ruthenian and Kings personal crests.

Inwroclaw Regiment

Kalisz Regiment

Sandomiersz Regiment

on the other hand i also developed these simpler private army flags, of the separate magnates, who with too much money to burn, had private armies sometimes rivaling the size of the Commonwealth's own army.

Rawicz Regiment
Podlachia Levy
But is the difference too great? Do the two sets of flags still feel like they are part of the same country?
Looking forward to comments and opinions.


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  1. I think that "personal preferences" should come into play here. That means, whatever YOU like; not what I (or anyone else) likes.

    That being said, personally I feel that that striped backgrounds of the last two flags are "too fussy" for my personal taste . . . but that means nothing if you like them . . . and I do like a variety of colorful flags in an army.

    Remember, this is YOUR army, not anyone else's. Use what you like best.

    -- Jeff

  2. It's appropriate to have blatantly different flags (both sets are beautiful and 'credible', btw) for the 'State' and private armies. A magnate giving 'regulation-type' flags to his private forces would be suspected of displaying a claim to the throne, and the State and -more importantly?- all his rivals would league against him.

  3. Hi ;)

    I agree with Jeff.. The flags of the private armies are a bit too...ermmm..much...fussy.

    Why not symplify them even more?? Use the white cross on red with some coat of arms or a solisd colour.

    But in the end, and i agree again with Jeff, it's your army. :)


  4. I especially like the "national" army flags, but feel that the private flags are also appropriate. I just wish I had your talent with designing flags. They all look great!!


  5. Thank you gentlemen for all your good suggestions and encouraging replies. I have been printing the flags out to test them with their respective regiments to see the troops response... We are nominally a republic after all ;)

    Will post pictures of this flag off as soon as possible. Thanks again!