dilluns, 24 de setembre de 2012


Since the campaign will include various nations (Poland, Saxony, Russia, Prussia.. Sweden?), I am planning to make some country specific units and then also some mercenary units, which can fill the gaps in army size, as well as give different characteristics to the any specific army.
I have freely inspired myself on different historical units to bring these into my campaign, each with their own special quirks and habits.

First up, "La Legion Noire" based on a French Revolutionary Wars unit, a unit of diehard mercenaries, maybe deserters from the never ending wars of Louis Whatshisnumber, who work for the best price on the day... they fight hard, but for whom!?

Next the Neuenburger Regiment, obviously based on the Swiss Regiment of Napoleonic fame, transported to the Lace Wars period.  Steady, loyal and with superior firepower, this unit will get platoon fire advantages.

And last a small German princeling unit, hired out for a campaign. Based on the Nuernberger Bürger Kavalerie, here they are as a humble foot unit, fighting for the honor of their prince.

Flags and basing still to come for these units.

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